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Green Card Through Asylum

Green Card Through Asylum Lawyer Austin TX

An individual who is granted asylum can apply for permanent residence if his/her country conditions are no safer after one year. If the individual returns to the country from which he/she is seeking asylum, he/she will be deemed to have abandoned his/her asylee status. If approved for permanent residency, the date of his/her adjustment of status or residency will be recorded as a date one year prior to his/her actual approval date.

Who is eligible for green card as an asylee?
In order to qualify for lawful permanent residence the asylee must be physically present in the United States for one year from the date granted asylum, be admissible to the United States and must continue to have valid asylee status.An asylee is advised to apply for adjustment of status as soon as he/she becomes eligible to apply because DHS does have the authority to revoke asylum status if conditions in the asylee’s home country is no longer dangerous.

Are family members eligible for asylum?
Individuals who obtained asylee status as the spouse or child of a principal applicant for asylum, may qualify for legal permanent status even if they are no longer married to the principal applicant or in the case of a child, even if they are now 21 years old or married. In order to do so, an individual will need to file a new Form I-589 Application for Asylum with their local asylum office. Once the new I-589 is approved, an individual may apply for adjustment of status.

Obtaining green card as a refugee
Individuals entering the U.S. as a refugee must apply for lawful permanent residency one year from the date they entered the United States as a refugee.

Who is eligible for green card as a refugee?
In order to qualify for permanent residency, a refugee must have been physically present in the United States for one year from the date he/she entered as a refugee,
be admissible to the United States and must continue to have valid refugee status.

How Ghoshal Law can help you pursue a positive outcome
An asylum application is long, detailed and complex. An incomplete or improperly filed asylum application can result in unforeseen difficulties and denials. Re-filing is sometimes not possible because important deadlines may be missed.
Ghoshal Law can guide you through the complicated process by assessing your case to determine whether you meet all the eligibility criteria, identifying potential grounds for denial, prepare your asylum application with a persuasive narrative and file on your behalf.

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